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We bring you the latest news updates in Politics, Commerce, Science and Technology, Lifestyle, Business, Sports, Health, Entertainment and many more....

Furthermore, we are an independent news organization dedicated to providing verified and unfiltered news reports to Nigerians and the rest of the world.

Producing the highest quality content is the foundation for gaining the trust of our readers and the general public. At Talking Chief, we practice, promote, and defend the principles of journalistic integrity.

At Talking Chief, our goal is not to sway our readers' and the public's opinions, but rather to help them understand the facts and draw their own conclusions. As a result, Talking Chief strives to provide the entire story after learning about it as thoroughly as possible, and then explain it in a way that our readers can understand. 

At Talking Chief, we are nonpartisan; we choose which topics to cover on our own. We always strive to convey the entire story without regard for financial or advertising interests.

Talking Chief is aware of its scope and responsibilities. As a result, the news platform accepts and accepts responsibility for any errors that may occur and is committed to correcting them in a visible location.

Do well to check back on us anytime for news and more news updates on a regular basis...

We remain your talkingchief always...

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